Joy To All.






Basically whoever you are, wherever you are, whatever your beliefs, happy holidays and I hope you are having a wonderful wintry time!

Its Christmas Eve and I am very excited, it doesn’t take Sherlock to figure out (Oh my God, just remembered new episode of Sherlock on New Year’s Day!) that I love Christmas. Ever since I can remember my mum has made Christmas such a wonderful, family rich, exciting day and while I now understand that we are all Santa instead of just one man doing a lot of impossibly quick present drops (which would be impressive for a young person in good health let alone an old man who I suspect has several health issues, at least type two diabetes – no one can eat that many mince pies unscathed) the magic has never stopped for me.

I was raised to see goodness, kindness and love in things. I was taught everybody deserves my attention and kindness unless they prove otherwise and I was raised to appreciate the good it does for the soul, when we bring a smile to other people’s faces. At Christmas it’s even more important to share kindness, there are so many people who walk around with sadness in their hearts and often a small act of kindness done with great love is all it takes to turn around their sadness and pain, even if it is for just a little while.

There are so many reasons I love Christmas, some have changed since I was a child and some have stuck with me throughout my thirty years:

  1. Since I was a child I feel there is magic on Christmas Eve, the air is heavy with it, it’s almost tangible. It’s so delicious to me to cuddle up drowsy and excited for the next day.
  2. Traditions! Every family has them and mine is no exception! We open presents in our pj’s, drink at breakfast, open presents until dark, play games and watch the DR WHO Christmas special. I write a quiz and we eat until we sweat, then we wait 15 minutes for the pain to slightly dull and we eat some more!
  3. My mum’s need to buy more presents for us than can fit in the house. My mum never stops Christmas shopping, she does it all year round because she loves the present opening to last the whole day. Oddly enough we have never had a problem with this!
  4. The chocolate game. This is an old one, we laugh until we either can’t breathe or need to pee. All the game involves is a large bar of chocolate, a dice and a knife and fork. If you roll a six you can cut off one piece of chocolate and eat it. The fun part comes in because the dice never stops being rolled and the second someone rolls a six they can steal the chocolate off you, add in two chocoholics and a devils advocate and it is one of the most frantic, feverish and hilarious games you will ever play

My favouriteĀ part since I became a mum is delving into the childhood wonder of Christmas vicariously through my son’s eyes. He is still tiny and so incredibly excited, it makes my heart swell, his laughter and smile make Christmas for me. I can’t wait to see his face when he opens all his presents.

So whatever you are doing over the holidays, I wish you all the love and peace in the world. Please remember not everyone is happy at this time of year, be extra kind and patient with people. Be kind to yourself too, I know I can sometimes get so carried away trying to make evreything perfect, that I forget to enjoy myself and be in the moment with my family. Have yourself a merry little Christmas.

lots of love and festive joy,

Be kind to others. Be kind to yourself. Eat your body weight in food.



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