What Was and What Will Be.

I swear sometimes I’m a walking casualty wrapped in a virus, iced with a trifecta of mental health issues! I was trying to think today to the last full week I wasn’t injured or sick/ill and hand to goddess I cannot for the life of me think of a full week, so I’m pouring all my energy into my healthy body and mind so I can live like a human for a minute! I don’t think it helped that this week the biggest spewer of hatred in recent history was elected leader of the free world, I mean a disturbance in the force that big has got to be sending ripples of disease worldwide – am I right?

Anyways, let’s move past pestilence, shall we and on to some pretty exciting things I have coming up. At the end of last year I had a meeting with my agent and he set me some homework, because he knows I love me some homework! It came in th form of two really interesting writing projects,

  1. ’10 Things’ This is where I write a list of ten things I wanted to be as a kid other than an actor, when the list is completed (which it now is) I spend a week doing to the best of my ability each one of those professions and blog the process. I am currently in the final planning stages and the project begins on the 1st of February with a month-long playwriting programme called 28 plays in 28 days, I basically write a play every day and submit them and this will be for number one on the list ‘writing’, it is going to be manic I’m sure! The other nine professions are as follows (in no particular order), Recording Artist, Model, Artist, Photographer, Designer, Ballerina, Historian, Super Hero and archeologist. The idea is to shake it up a bit, have fun, learn new things and have great stories to tell and of course I will be blogging about it all.
  2. Telling my life story in five-year increments, the idea is to really tell my story and get to know myself better.

Outside of these projects I am looking to get a children’s book published, write a screen play, keep my skills sharp and learn new ones, start up a craft business, get into the best shape of my life and work to understand my BDP better. I will be blogging the whole journey, DAILY. Yup, it may be crazy, I may crumple from exhaustion but I think to truly be able to share it with you, I need to be able to express how I’m feeling on any given day and when I blog weekly its more of a vague overview.

So there you have it, exciting projects coming up, lots of potential of personal growth which I’m excited about. Honestly though I really looking forward to trying my hand at different trades and seeing what I learn about myself in the process. I’ve been preparing myself and my house all weekend, getting all my shit together ready to start my daily blogging from tomorrow, then into ’10 Things’ the week after. I will do my best to take pictures and have good stories to tell! This week should be fun for sure as I love planning things and to end the week I get to see a film I was involved in opening the London Vault Film Festival. Anyway enough rambling from me (can you tell I’m excited!?) I’m going to go plan my week out now and I will talk to you all tomorrow!

Be kind to each other, be kind to yourselves. Don’t let hate win.


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