Preparation, Changes and Self Education.

Remember I was saying a few blogs back that I find it very rare to have an entirely good day? That my mood swings from up to down to left to the fifth dimension on the drop of a hat? I have had one of those days today. It started strong, I got up with my alarm and managed to have myself and my son ready to go on time, we were early in fact. This might not seem like a great task to anyone who is currently prodginy free but trying to get my six-year-old ready to leave the house in the morning is a job of work (he hides under the glass coffee table, like I won’t see him) So I was feeling good, I had my meditation done, I had washed and as I said just generally slayed the pre school run morning. My mood switched quite quickly though when a women driving in her car looked at me and rolled her eyes for no reason. That was all it took to drop the hormonal ball. I quickly springed back though when I went shopping with Steve for supplements and groceries (we are starting the gym next week as workout buddies, so I wanted to help him with his vitamins etc) The day was pretty much like this up then down, rinse, lather, repeat. Lots of small changes to my day like having to reschedule my smear test because I FINALLY got the newsletter from my son’s school(3 weeks into the term) with the dates for this term and it clashed with his assembly, only then to realise his assembly was march not January! I mean seriously having a stranger lube you up and use you as a handpuppet is annoying enough without adding clashing dates and dumbassery to the mix! I’ll be double checking dates from now on!

I am proud of myself though because I kept going, even more proud of myself because my sis came over to visit and I always use having someone in the house as an excuse not to get stuff done but I ticked off all my missions, including meal prep for the week (check it out!)



We were talking about the blog post (mentioned above) and I said that I feel I need to go back to my community health team because I understand what depression and anxiety are and look like on me but my BDP is still a mystery and to further understand myself, my triggers and my signs I need to educate myself more. So hopefully I’ll get myself refered by the Dr tomorrow. For right now though I’m going to get some sleep because its late and I left it too long to write this!

See you tomorrow,

Be kind to others, be kind to yourself.


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