It’s Coming!

Only three days to go until the madness starts!

So I thought I’d take the time to explain how the blogs going to run over the next few months. My ’10 Things’ starts on Wednesday, it kicks off with an entire month of play writing (every other ‘thing’ is a week but I had already signed up to this programme so I thought I’d tie it in) I’m feeling slightly nervous at having to produce a play everyday for a month having NEVER written one before but I’m sure I’ll be fine (wipes sweat from upper lip!) then the rest of the ten things will go like this:

  1. Writing (as above)
  2. Super Hero, a week in which I will be commencing project, ‘Random Acts of Kindness’
  3. Singer, really looking forward to this, I love singing and when I was a teeny tiny Sam it’s what I wanted to be, I save it for fun now, as it is a form of therapy for me (pro-tip: if you hear me singing ‘Torn’ I’m not happy haha) I will be doing daily vocal warm ups, performing a concert for my son and actually recording some stuff.
  4. Model. Excited and scared about this one as I have a very ambitious and risqué photo shoot set up (I’ll tell you more of that in a later blog – lets just say I’ll be hitting the gym hard as prep!) I’ll also be following a models diet and exercise regime. Oh and shamelessly abusing the selfie setting on my phone for Instagram.
  5. Historian. People fascinate me, it’spart of the reason I choose to be them as a career! I find history truly amazing and I always used to look forward to history class at school (ok it could have been in part to do with the fact I had the biggest inappropriate crush on my history teacher, actual swoon) So this week I’ll be hitting the museums and books with a particular focus on the holocaust and how Hitler rose to power, seems appropriate.
  6. Designer, I love clothes and beauty, slightly vapid but I’m ok with it. For this week I’ll be designing and making myself a dress – eek! I will also be reading lots of fashion magazines (I know, the sacrifices I make!)
  7. Ballerina. This should prove to be the most challenging/hilarious/great blogging material. I have rhythm and can hold my own on the dance floor but I reckon that is not going to help! I’m going to be taking ballet lessons – HELP!
  8. Archeologist, this week isn’t fully planned yet but I will be taking my agents suggestion and try mudlarking in the Thames, I’m no doubt going to find a human body – such fun!
  9. Artist. I will be trying different styles and materials and generally bringing shame to the wider art community
  10. Photography. I wanted to finish with this because I adore taking photos and I don’t wholly suck at it, all my blog photos are taken by me and I’ve taken a few good pictures in my time. So I will be going somewhere different everyday and staying, exploring and shooting. A lot of nature I think because I always feel at home when I go back to nature but there will be a mix of all sorts.

I am going to be doing it Monday to Friday and daily blogging the experience, Saturday I will round-up my thoughts of that week and on Sunday I’ll talk about whats next. It is worth noting I will be taking the Easter holidays off to be with my son and also the week commencing 8th May as its my Mommas 60th birthday week. So in total its going to run from 1st Feb to the 21st of May – which sounds bloody insane when I type it out loud! I am very excited about it though. Obviously during this time the blog will be centered around these activities but I will still be talking about how my life is flowing.

Just before I sign off I wanted to say thank you to the people who have followed my blog (I have 10 of you, which is so lovely, especially as only fellow WordPress bloggers can do this) it is awesome to know people enjoy my ramblings! Also thank you to  all the visitors of my blog from social media, the support is so appreciated!

Until tomorrow,

Be kind to others, be kind to yourselves,


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