Momentum, the Gym and an Ouchie!

A quick bit of housekeeping before I start my blog proper, I found out you don’t have to be a member of WordPress to follow my blog (I’m sure we have covered that I’m a grandma when it comes to technology, so if this isn’t news to you, feel free to skip to the next paragraph) I have screen grabbed some images as they say a picture says a thousand words! Basically, press follow, pop in your email address and then confirm it in your inbox, ta-dah! You’ll get a notification when I post 🙂


So, let’s get started on today! You ever wake up feeling a little sore and just think it will pass, then go to the gym and workout like a beast on the slightly sore body, only to no longer be able to turn your head like a real life person later in the day? Yeah, no me either – except, Ow, ow, owwwey, ow! My entire left side of my neck is enraged with me, its furious. I feel like my neck is Bianca Del Rio and the rest of me is Laganja Estranja. The struggle is real, I am trying to get on and my neck is screaming, ‘Not today Satan, not today!!’ (Incase you think I’m high, that is a Ru Paul reference and FYI I think you’re high if you havent seen it, go away and watch all the seasons and then come back, I’ll wait) The great thing though is it’s not getting to me, I actually find the whole thing kinda funny. In the past physical injury gets me really down but today not so much. Maybe its the fact that I can still walk, or the fact I know it will pass but I’m good with it. Could I have stretched out my sore bits before I went to the gym? Sure. Can I change that now? No. Will I listen to my body in future? Yes (well at least a strong possibly)

Going to the gym felt right today, I havent been in a while, the anxiety just kept winning but now I have a gym buddy, its gone. I felt really excited and I still feel excited, I’m ready to get the body I’m after and also it slays my depression and anxiety for a good few hours. I’m not going to let this slight hiccup get in my way either, when I go back on Wednesday I’m going to focus on lower body to make sure I’m protecting myself but I will go. It makes me feel good, when I get in a good workout I feel like a bit of a badass and who doesn’t want that? I’m getting my healthy habits back. This weekend gave me momentum and I don’t plan on letting that go – especially with only 2 days to go!


(Look at my ‘come hither for I shall murder you’ game face)

Until tomorrow,

Be kind to others, Be kind to yourselves.


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