And So It Begins.

The day is here, today is the day, the day that I have been waiting for in dread and excitement of equal measure is upon us!

I got the first email last night from the 28 plays later crew and I got to work. The hilarity that is my life meant that while recently there have been days were I haven’t been up to much, today, the day that the craziness of the ’10Things’ started, I was so sore and bloated from the back street smear, seriously I look pregnant! Then I have my audition to prepare for and it was gym day today – I know champagne problems right!


Truth is I’ve had a wonderful day despite carrying a phantom child! I wrote my very first play ever this morning and it was a strange experience, I have always written stories but the format of a play is so different and I felt a little intimidated at first if I am completely honest. For some reason it hadn’t occurred to me about how one structures a play, technically and I sat staring at my screen, with the merciless cursor blinking at me. Then I thought I have so many plays upstairs, so I just grabbed one and looked at the set up, once I was confident with that, I thought through the story I wanted to tell based of todays ‘inspiration prompt’ and I started writing. It was a mixture between knowing what I wanted to say and not knowing where I was going with it, which was exhilarating and a little terrifying. I kept thinking, ‘Am I doing this right?!’ I decided that who cares if I am doing wrong, I’m doing it, I’m happy with what I’m writing and I pushing and challenging myself.  I submitted my play at midday, went to the gym, worked on my script and now I’m writing to you lovely people. It sounds like a lot and to be honest it is but in such an awesome way, plus I’ve done most of my work today in bed because of my ridiculous stomach!

So that’s day one done! They always say the hardest step is the first one and I’m hoping that to be true because if today was fun, the rest should be amazing. (I am of course instantly regretting typing that out loud but come what may!)

The email for tomorrows play has just come through and I am itching to read it and get my brain going on what to write, so I shall go do that! I hope you are all having a wonderful day or evening wherever you are,

until tomorrow,

Be kind to each other, be kind to yourselves.


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