Day Three: Writings No Joke

Day three and I think I’m slightly insane, I think in a good way? I managed a solid 3 hours sleep and I honestly don’t remember most of the details of today, like when you get up to grab something and you realise you have no idea why, or you are reading a book and you get to the bottom of the page and have no memory of the words you just read, I have huge blanks in my day, not worrying at all.

Being a writer is no joke. I hit my deadline but it almost killed me, I text my agent today (The busiest person I have ever known) the conversation went like this:

‘I thought I knew exhaustion, I was wrong! How do you do it?’

‘I don’t know, I really don’t. When you start dry heaving every morning, take a break’

‘Noted. Terrifying but noted’

So, I am on dry heave watch as of now, not that I think you can miss that! He always looks so good though and I am still in the shirt I wore yesterday, slept in and kept on for today! I have also not really got off the pull out sofa bed today, just sat with my laptop on top of a messy bed with a growing pile of crap around me, like a shit Smaug.

It’s a learning curve for sure and obviously writing a play everyday for an entire month is a wee bit extreme but the discipline you need to be a writer is INSANE. I’m hoping as the challenge goes on, I will find a better balance and also find the task of producing material easier as I’ll be flexing the creative muscle daily. I know technically I’m writing everyday with my blog but I don’t have to think what I say, I sit down and tell you about my day, how I’m feeling etc and those things I know because I’m me, at least most days, right now its questionable.

My inspiration prompt for today was to write a play with no plot, which hurt my brain! I couldn’t think of how I would do that and spent a few hours with what can only be described as artistic brain freeze. Then I made a joke about my writing about my day because it seemed to have no beginning, middle or end. It made me think about a conversation I had with the wonderful Jeremy Stockwell (if you want to know more about him, I wrote a blog on him –  Shine your Light. ) about time being a human construct, that there is only ‘The Perpetual Now’ from there my brain started going and I decide to write a womans life, not chronologically but all at once, so all experiences within her house happen instantaneously and repeatedly. It is a little  A level art installation in my opinion but I did it, I rose to the challenge.

I love the dawn of an idea in your head and how from seemingly nothing, it grows into a weird shape with new bits sticking on until you have a fully formed idea. It’s a weird, amazing and exciting experience and I am getting to have it every day with the writing assignment of my ’10 Thing’ project and that s a huge plus in my book and I’m feeling very grateful for it, even in my altered state.

So I have written it, if you wish to read it, 28 Plays Later: Challenge 3 (The Perpetual Now)  it’s also up on my Twitter and Instagram page both @singlemumactor) I got it done early which means I can sleep tonight!

So I’m off to bathe (God knows I need it!) and have a nice chill evening and an early night. And just remember, if you are dry heaving every morning, take a break!

Until tomorrow,

Be kind to each other, Be kind to yourselves.


p.s. don’t worry I remembered to call my mum today.

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