Day 6: Sometimes You’ve Got To Get Silly.

Hello 🙂

I want to start this blog today by explaining my feelings about yesterday, not as an apology (I believe for me to be honest and open with you guys I have to be true to my feelings) I had a tough go of it yesterday, I honestly didn’t think I’d make it through writing a the murder mystery and it made me a bit of a Grumpy Gertie. Something I’m not always great at is sticking with something if it’s really draining me of my life energy (weird, huh?). Yesterday felt like that, I just wanted to be done with it. I knew though that saying yes to my temporary feelings meant saying no to my overall goal of completing the 28 Plays later challenge and the writing portion of my 10 things project. So as much as I hated it I just kept grinding.

I blogged yesterday at the halfway mark of writing my play and I was clearly not happy with it but as I got back to it and continued going line by line and scene by scene I started to see it was not in fact a never-ending task, I was grateful to myself for putting up with the grit and by the time I finished I actually felt quite happy, not necessarily with the play but most certainly with myself. I had persevered when I had wanted to stop and there in front of me was a piece of work I had stuck with and because I did, I get to keep in 28 plays later which made me feel quite wonderful actually.

This morning when I dared to re-read the play, I found I didn’t hate it at all, it certainly isn’t a masterpiece but I think I would like to spend some time on it after the 10 things project has finished and actually develop it into a full screenplay. With the time it needs and research, I think I could make a dark and intriguing piece. That’s one of the great things about this challenge it forces you out of your comfort zone and just write and you not only end up with a new piece of writing everyday but it plants seeds for future work that you may have never even thought of without the prompts. If you’d like to read what I came up with in its raw state, here it is 28 Plays Later: Challenge 5 (The Catch Up)

Writing can be, fun, amazing, cathartic, interesting but also at times soul-destroying, as I found out first hand yesterday but just as with a marathon, if you keep putting down foot falls or keystrokes, the end will appear and you can look back and see how far one step at a time takes you.

Now, let’s get to today.

I’ve had a wonderful day today, I think the relief of yesterday’s challenge being over, mixed with pride of sticking with it, the endorphins of hitting the gym and having silly jokes and chats with my baba, who has been very wheezy today, gave me a fresh feeling of light and goofieness.

The challenge today was an opening line, provided for us and we had to write a play of it, with bonus points for ending it with another line, these lines were

Opener: ‘You’re a liar, and I don’t care that I’m naked, I won’t come off the roof unless you tell me why your sister asked me about my first time!

Closer: ‘Don’t be such a sycophant it’s either me or the Danish!’

All I wanted to do was write something silly and ridiculous and these lines screamed to me, ‘Write a comedy!’ So I did, a silly, stupid, funny (I hope) short play. It felt like a reward for getting through a really tough challenge because it was such fun to write. I had to keep it short as the houses sick-bed (Sofa bed) was out again for little man so he could rest and hopefully get better (I am also having us sleep down here , so I can check on him while he is sleeping as he can go from not well to needing to be admitted to hospital in ten minutes -not an exaggeration) So I have been juggling being a good mother with my writing today. Let me tell you a secret about how you juggle any at home type of work and a sick child, you can’t. My son is my number one priority in life and today he needed me more than usual, so the way I got around it was by spending all my time with him, we had a picnic on the bed, we watched ‘Pocahontas’ and ‘Sword in The Stone’. We laughed and chatted and I answered roughly 1,569 questions about each film. It was so lovely and because I didn’t try to split my focus I felt calm and relaxed and enjoyed the time with him. Then in between film one and two, I asked him if he would like to play on the Playstation while mummy did a little bit of work (of course he did) and we both had a bit of time to ourselves, we still joked and I listened to roughly 5,946 answers to questions I hadn’t asked about Pokemon. I took my focus off the deadline to my poorly baby and it made the whole evening fun, which in turn lead to a ridiculous and random short play that I actually kind of love and a very happy boy. He is fast asleep now, so I can write this calmly and with no interruptions.


All in all, I’m giving myself a gold star for the day!

If you’d like to read my silly, lighthearted play then here it is 28 Plays Later: Challenge 6 (Oak Smoked)

I’m going to cuddle my son now 🙂

Until tomorrow,

Be kind to each other, be kind to yourselves and don’t forgot to be silly!




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