28 Plays Later: Challenge 7 (Survival)

Todays challenge was to write a play with out actors (we were allowed to use voiceovers). I don’t know, first a play without a plot and now a play without characters, I’m hoping the next challenge is a play without words haha. Here is what my brain came up with.


Samantha Frost

7th February 2017


The audience are handed action cards and instructed not to open them until they hear a message from the driver, they are then led into two underground trains, they are split into two groups, half go into carriage A and half into carriage B.

Once everyone is inside the usher leaves and the doors shut, the lights outside of the carriages goes out and the train starts to move as if it were travelling. The voice over states,

This is a northern line train to Morden; the next station is Clapham south.

After a minute, the lights flicker and the trains slows, judders and stops. There is an announcement.

‘hello ladies and gentlemen, this is your driver speaking, I’m sorry for the delay this evening, I have stopped the train for safety reasons as I am currently experiencing…’

The message cuts off.

There are two ‘Urgent’ cards in the envelopes handed to the audience.

  1. The driver needs urgent medical attention or he will die, you need to gain access to him and get the train into the station, to get him the help he needs.
  2. The carriages ventilation system is broken, you need to get the doors open or the passengers will suffocate.

There are instruction cards, with clues on how to open the driver’s door and get the train moving. Each clue leads to a puzzle which need at least two people to complete. They are divided between 8 cards (four in each card) with only half a clue on each, the passengers need to find each other for the instructions to make sense.

Everybody else’s cards tell them they have to help the person who they believe has the most important urgent card.

The only way the doors will open is by the audience members getting the train into the next station, as the doors will not open between stations. The audience do not know this

After the audience have opened their cards a voiceover tells them they have an hour before the oxygen runs out. Then on LED displays show the count down.

The play is a locked room, immersive theatre experience about the idea of ‘us’, ‘them’ and mob mentality. The only way the audience, ‘survive’ is by opting to save the driver and working together in a confined space to figure out how to do this.

If by the end of the hour, they have not tried to help the driver, the driver announces what the play was about and by choosing to work for the majority instead of everyone, they essentially killed themselves.

If they help the driver and get the train to the station, the doors will open and they will be told that by choosing to look after everyone, they all survived.





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