Day 7: Priorities.

Hey guys, I’m going to keep this short today because my son, is pretty poorly, he’s been off school today and we have a Dr’s appointment in half an hour.

I’m concerned he’s caught chicken pox from school and I don’t know whether his chest problems are separate from this. He’s in good spirits, perhaps a touch board but his temperature is creeping up and he has a rash that could be chicken pox. I have to take his health seriously, so I chose to write my blog early in case we need to go to hospital at all.

The writing challenge today was to write a play without actors! So while I was thinking about how to write that, I started to think about my son and how his health comes first which in turn led my train of thought to priorities. I ended up writing a piece (while my son was snuggled up to me) which is, in its essence a ‘locked room’ piece of immersive theatre about peoples’ priorities in an ‘us; and ‘them’ setting. It was interesting to write and I think it would be a good social experiment.

I’m going to pop off now and get my little man ready for the ride to the Dr’s, I’ll let you know how he is tomorrow,

until then,

Be kind to each other, be kind to yourselves.


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