Day 8: What I’ve Learnt So Far.

Just as a quick update my little man doesn’t have chicken pox, he’s just battling a nasty viral infection that has brought him out in eczema, he’s feeling a little better today and we are hoping he can go back to school tomorrow but his temperature has kept spiking this evening, so we shall have to wait and see.

Do excuse me if this post isn’t the most lucid I’ve ever written I am in severe pain with a wisdom tooth, which is causing a migraine and fever – FUN! Oh who am I kidding, you probably won’t be able to tell the difference!

So I wanted to take this opportunity to have a quick round-up of what I’ve learnt/experienced in my first week on the job as, ‘writer’ in the 28 Plays Later challenge for my ’10Things’ series.

  1. I have learnt that the more I write and think about writing, the easier the inspiration comes to me. It makes sense, as the old adage goes, ‘practise makes perfect’
  2. I have come to realise writing a play a day means not getting eight hours a day, I have had days were I feel as if I am in a weird trance because I’m so sleep deprived, honestly, the last time I had this little sleep, I was nursing my baby.
  3. If you want to do something badly enough you will find the time. I have been very committed to writing and blogging about writing and even on the craziest days, I’ve pulled something out of my butt.
  4. Writing is tiring! OK it might just be the lack of sleep but thinking through a story and characters (or lack of them) takes a lot of brain whirring and then sitting down and translating your ideas takes concentration.
  5. Writing demands discipline, you just have to do it, whether you are in the mood or not.
  6. Having an ‘Inspiration Prompt’ doesnt automatically equal a play. I have found that the prompts outside of my comfort zone have taken a real chunk of time to think through to hopefully produce something worth reading.
  7. Life might get in the way but it can be very inspiring to what you are writing that day in surprising ways.
  8. There is something beautiful about being alone with your thoughts and a laptop writing down your ideas.
  9. Some day’s I can’t write without a plan, some days I can’t write with one, some days its a mixture of both.
  10. Experience 1 doesn’t apply if you are writing a murder mystery in a day.

Its been a really great week and a fantastic lesson in consistency, something I can struggle with, I’m proud of myself for hitting my deadline everyday and look forward to the next three weeks.

Todays challenge was to write about, in some way one of our favourite songs, I am a life long Christina Aguilera fan and chose to write a verbatim piece using lyrics from, ‘Can’t Hold Us Down’ and set it as a speech in a slut walk, the lyrics seemed very relevant still, can’t imagine why, *COUGH – COMBOVER. If you fancy a butchers, here it is 28 Plays Later: Challenge 8 (This Is For My Girls)

Until tomorrow,

Be kind to each other, be kind to yourselves.


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