28 Plays Later: Challenge 10 (In Perpetuity)

Today the challenge presented was to write a play which never ended, below is my best shot!

In Perpetuity

Samantha Frost

10th February 2010







This play is a mixture of improvisation, audience interaction and character study. There are three characters, the actors have a good idea of who their characters are due to the character’s briefs (below).

The play begins with the three characters’ car breaking down. It is late at night and raining, all the dialogue in this piece is improvised by the actors or provided by the audience via them sending in dialogue or circumstance changes from their phones to the screen at the back of the stage. There should be a delay between them sending their suggestions and them appearing to allow repetitive, abusive or prejudice texts to be weeded out. It should be an audience of maximum fifty, so that the show does not get bogged down with too many suggestions.

The show itself lasts for an hour, however it does not have an end and it continues night after night where it left off previously. On all show nights, other than the first there should be a brief ‘previously’ displayed on the screen to catch the new audience up to speed. Audience members may volunteer themselves prior to the show starting to be a part of that evenings instalment as a ‘guest appearance’. There should be a large box of props that can be used at any point to help the story. Lighting and sound should work intuitively with the actors and audience to aid the performance. This show never ends, each night it simply continues were it stopped previously. Actors can change and there are no presumptions of gender, age, race, orientation assigned to the characters.

Character Briefs.


This character is head strong and stubborn, a natural leader. They are incredibly loyal and will do anything for any off their friends. They can be brash and loud but underneath extremely sensitive. Quick to sarcasm and sharp with a comeback. Very nurturing and warm at times but can turn disinterested and cold in a heartbeat if they are pissed off. Sam has been single a long time and very much used to their way of doing things, gets very annoyed and confused when things are not done as they would do them. Works in construction and therefor believes they can fix any issue whether it directly relates to construction or not.


Soft spoken, very intelligent but doubts themselves constantly. Low self-esteem and an introvert. Easily intimidated but can stand their ground if pushed too far. They are very artistic and sentimental. Generally, hates conflict or long silences and tries to fix these because they can’t bare awkwardness. They are easily forgiving of things done to them but finds it harder to let go of slights against their loved ones. Gerry is married and very good at compromising. They are an excellent listener. Cannot tolerate prejudice in any form. They work as a runner for a sound production company.


Very tightly wound, almost everything makes them annoyed, they quickly move on from the grievances however. Would give you their last penny and fiercely loyal. Toni does not shy away from conflict and can often start it over a perceived slight, stuck in their ways but can see the benefit of other people’s opinions if they are broken down. Extremely generous and always up for laugh, even at their own expense. Heart of gold and quick to emotion, Toni is a serial dater but has never been in a long-term relationship. Does things without being asked and often tries to take the lead. Toni works in the finance sector.

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