Day 10: This Is How It Ends.

I find that often when you are a parent and your child is sick, the reward for looking after them, cleaning them up, being a shoulder to cry/vomit/sleep on, sharing your bed and being a cuddle machine, is you catch the plague too, yay!

If the intro was too cryptic I’m currently running a fever of 39.1c, have had my throat removed and replaced with razors and feel generally bubonic. The good news is that this happened on a Friday, so with my little man at his dads for the weekend I can actually rest! I plan on not getting out of bed this weekend unless absolutely essential (seriously I was thinking about ordering a catheter of the interweb) I was already feeling exhausted from a full of week of playing nurse to my poorly munchkin (also slightly claustrophobic from the lack of personal time) but then when I woke up this morning, after a restless night with baba, I realised, the little sod was ground zero and this is how it ends.

So, I’m currently in my sofa bed writing this through squinty eyes because apparently light and my brain have fallen out (they used to be such good friends). I have somehow, pushed through and written todays 28 Plays Later challenge, which was to write a play that never ends 28 Plays Later: Challenge 10 (In Perpetuity) I’m not sure how I actually managed this because my mind kinda broke when I read this challenge but I have had an idea of sorts and luckily although the play I’ve written never ends, the challenge itself didn’t take too much time to commit to paper. Now I’m going to be so still in my bed that by morning I should have taken root in it, if not I will be seriously annoyed.

I hope wherever you are reading this you health isn’t laughing at you like you were a dancing monkey, I’m going to expire now,

Until tomorrow,

Be kind to others, be kind to yourself.


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