Day 13: Some We Must Endure.

I had to write a monologue today with the stream of conscious technique, which basically means you don’t stop writing for a set about of time, no pauses in the flow, so if you don’t know what to write, you write that etc.

I found this so cathartic today as I have been suffering very badly with my mental health and on top of that I had to tell my six-year-old that has already lost two grandparents that his hamster had died. Today has been horrific, I find that we can’t live all days, some we simply endure. My heartbroken baba has been acting out badly all day through grief and now that it is bedtime he is inconsolable, thankfully I have my sister here after she saw my instagram post earlier she text me to see if I wanted some company, I told her I needed to be on my own. She replied saying if I changed my mind, to let her know. Ten minutes later I did and she has been here since. I don’t know how I would have got through today without her to be honest. Sometimes when you are struggling you don’t always know that you need help until its offered.

The monologue was incredibly cathartic and it just poured out of me, I wrote about my darkest fear and feel somewhat better for getting those emotions out in a creative way.28 Plays Later: Challenge 13 (Mediocrity) The one good thing about today is I didn’t feel unmotivated to write, I had  a spark back, long may it continue.

I’m going to keep this short today because I am drained and my baby needs me. I hope wherever you are, you have a great support network around you, it really can be a lifesaver. As always there are websites and telephone numbers at the bottom of my page if you need to reach out to someone.

until tomorrow,

Be kind to others, be kind to yourselves.


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