Day 16: Wait, What?!

Good lord, today’s challenge pickled my brain! The hardest thing about writing today was trying to figure out what the actual challenge was! it was to write an autobiography, but not our own (so a biography?) but it had to be fictional (so a fiction?) but the audience had to think it was a real story? But then it’s not? BRAINFREEZE! I really had no inspiration today, normally I can think of something pretty quickly after I have read the breakdown of the challenge, or at least a seed is planted but I was so confused I felt completely uninspired, so I kept putting it off and off today.

One thing I have learnt during the ‘writing’ portion of my ’10 Things’ series, is that everything you read, see, talk about etc is useful and a lot of the time something your brain has absorbed that day then comes into play in an unexpected way.

This happened to me again today, I had been reading an article on psychopaths this morning and the subject is truly fascinating, we all wear a mask and are different people in different situations but being a psychopath is completely different, the mask does not slip. I also had a tongue in cheek conversation with a fellow writer doing the 28 Plays Later challenge today on a completely unrelated subject and for some reason our talks on conspiracy theories just hit my brain with a bolt od inspiration. Suddenly I realised I could present an autobiography and the show it to be a mask and fictional.

I’m still not entirely sure if it fits the brief, or in fact if I understand the brief but as it is a guideline and actually we don’t have to follow the brief at all if we don’t choose to (but its more of a challenge if you do) I’m not going to lose sleep over it. I like the idea and I like what I’ve written and for me that is enough. 28 Plays Later: Challenge 16 (Geoffrey)

Until tomorrow,

Be kind to each other, be kind to yourselves. You are enough.


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