Day 18: Experiment.

As it is Saturday today and I am child free, I thought I would grow some ovaries and finally do what I keep putting off and that is to go out of the house on my own, with my laptop and be a cliché in a coffee shop! I did it! The main picture is proof!

I thought I would finally do my little experiment, which is to see if a change in scenery and  the lack of a familiar setting would make me more efficient and less prone to procrastination. I can be a bit, ‘putty offy’ with things, especially when they seem like they are going to take an age but my thinking was, if I take myself out of my home where my tv is, I would have no other choice but to write. Great idea in theory and it did make me get to work, for about 15 minutes. I could not concentrate with the chatter around me and I felt a bit boxed in. I did have a wonderful detox smoothie though, a great walk in the fresh air and got to see the blue sky again and the first signs of spring, so it certainly wasn’t a waste of time. I think I’d like to make a walk on a Saturday a thing, I really enjoyed being out in the fresh air, on my own with my thoughts.

When I got home, I started on my idea again. I had to use my sons mini white board to get all the requirements down for today because there where so many rules to follow, look:

1. The play has 3 talking characters and two that don’t talk. You have an option of adding one more character – but only if he delivers pizza!
2. One of the characters is magical (in whatever way you see fit) and/or one of the characters is obsessed with fish.
3. You may use a maximum of 7 pauses in the play, but 3 of them must be in the middle of a sentence.
4. One character has a total of exactly 26 lines in the play. Each line must begin with a different letter of the alphabet.
5. Every line of dialogue must have one of the following: either 4 words, 15 words, 21 words, 25 words, 47 words or 104 words (you can punctuate as you like).
6. The play will contain three scenes/acts.
7. One of the scenes involves all the characters dancing.
8. Each scene/act must have a minimum of 18 lines of dialogue, and each scene/act must contain one group action.
9. One person sings a drunken song on a table; one person spits; and one tries to commit suicide (can all be the same person)
10. One of the characters must make a life changing decision and two others realise they need to change their relationship.

It is a lot, isn’t it! I enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would though. I’m not sure whether that’s because I got out and about which in turn made me feel great and productive, or if it was because, even though it was fairly restrictive, I could write a play with emotions in it!

It took me a little over six hours non-stop but for the first Saturday in this challenge, I didn’t actually want to rip my hair out and I think that’s because I got on with it straight away and now I can enjoy my evening. I didn’t feel time pressure or tired either, which was refreshing. The last two weeks my baby has been either sick, or on half term so writing during the day has been out of the question, during the weekdays anyway. So that couldn’t be helped but the weekends I didn’t usually start til later and I think thats were the main source of stress had been coming from.

There is only on weekend left and ten days in total. I am so glad I did this but please do feel free to hit me with a blunt object if I sign up for it again next year!

I’m going to eat now and then relax, have a wonderful evening,

Until tomorrow,

Be kind to each other, be kind to yourselves.


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