28 Plays Later: Challenge 20 (Boundary Issues)

We had to write a play under the title ‘Boundary Issues’ today.

Boundary Issues

Samantha Frost

20th February 2017




John (office manager, 45-55)

Margaret (40+)

Jennifer (early twenties)

Max (45-55)


The stage is set as an office, enter John and Lucile, John has his arm around Lucile in a manner inappropriate for the work place.


Good Morning everyone! If I could just have your attention for a minute. I would like to introduce Lucile. Lucile is going to be our new administrator, she has Tammie’s old office next door, so if you need to find her, now she can’t hide! (everyone laughs, Lucile smiles and nods) I’ll introduce you to the team.


Oh lovely


This is Margaret, she’s been here 15 years, kind of the mother hen.

Margaret stands up and get uncomfortably close to Lucile, she speaks far too loud.


Lovely to meet you Lucy!


Its Lucile


Oh, I’m so sorry!


That’s ok, happens more often than you think actually.


If you need anything, just let me know!


Thank you, it was lovely to meet you (Lucy holds her hand out, Margaret looks slightly unsure but shakes her hand anyway)


Moving on this is Jennifer, she was the new girl before you.


I’ve been here four years John! (To Lucile) He’s such a kidder! Oh, my God! I love your sweater! (Jennifer starts feeling Lucile’s sweater) and your skin and hair are amazing (Jennifer now starts stroking Lucile’s hair and skin)

Lucile: (completely taken back) Err thank you

Jennifer: Your so sweet! Come on, bring it in for the real thing

Lucile: I’m sor… (Jennifer has already embraced Lucile in a bear hug) Oh, ok (The hug lasts a good seven seconds)

Jennifer: I can already tell we are going to be soul sisters!

Lucile: (nodding in confusion) Yay

John: Look at that my two new girls getting on like a house on fire! Shall I introduce you to Max?

Jennifer: No! she’s all mine!

Lucile: Err, yeah, yes, that would be fine, great, thank you.

John: So over here we have max

Lucile: Hi Max, I’m L

Max: Lucile! Hi! It’s weird because my grandmother was called Lucile, wonderful woman. Tough as an ox and I mean that literally, she actually fought an ox once.

Lucile: She actually killed an ox?

Max: Oh, God no! She was doing well for a while but that thing (laughing uncontrollably) straight up murdered and maimed her, yeah it was gross to be honest. She did say she would be back one day though and here you are the living re-incarnation of my dead granny! It’s weird, kind of like when you are sat next to someone you are watching on TV.

Lucile: Huh? I’m sorry, I don’t follow, or understand, anything you just said actually.

Max: You are still a kidder grandma! Look, here are your ashes (Max picks up an urn off his desk and shows Lucile, in his excitement he drops the Urn and ashes go everywhere, including on Lucile) Oh my god you are telling me it’s true, aren’t you look you are drawn to yourself!

Lucile stands in shock

Lucile: John, could you please tell me where the toilets are, I’m going to need to go and

John: Woah, Lucile, this is a professional work environment, we don’t need or want to know your personal bathroom habits.

Lucile looks completely shocked, she goes to say something, thinks better of it and storms off the stage,

John: Can you say, ‘Boundary Issues?’




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