Day 28: I’m Back and I Didn’t Quit.

I’m back!

Oh god, I cannot tell you how wonderful it feels to be well and sane enough to write a post today!

I’m starting to think I might just have to paint a big ‘x’ on the door because over the past five or six weeks me and my little man have just been playing pass the parcel with viral infections, such fun! He is off school for the third time in six weeks because when he catches a cold it triggers his asthma and then all hell breaks loose in his body, bless him. He’s currently on a course of steroids that turn him into a mini Hulk but bless him he really tries to be Banner instead. It’s always tough when your kid is sick because obviously you don’t want them to be, you also know You are next and you long for personal privacy. If your child is anything like mine they are very affectionate, which is the actual best but when they get sick, they want to be with you at all times. Take earlier for example, I went for a bath and my little boy who had just said he definitely did no need the toilet waited until I got in, then barreled up the stairs declaring his desperate need for the toilet, I covered myself with a towel and sat there while my little angel held fiercely intense eye contact while dropping a deuce. Ain’t it grand being a parent?

He’s been really trying hard though to keep the roid rage in check and has been staying on his make shift bed, watching Doctor Who and drawing some awesome T.A.R.D.I.S. pictures today.

Now, last time we spoke I was in the middle of the 28 Plays later challenge, then of course I got very poorly with a hideous throat infection. I did not let this stop me however, I wrote a play every day, most of them being delusional nonsense and I will link the post here if you wish to read them 28 Plays Later: Challenges 22 – 28

Today was the last day of the challenge and we had to write a play with 8291 as inspiration (Its 19:28 backwards, which was our first challenge) I chose to break up the numbers and write about an elderly married couple, discussing how they now have the freedom to misbehave, while eating scones, naturally. It was the first day I have felt fully back to my senses (hilarious, as I have in the last hour started catching whatever my progeny is inflicted with) So I could enjoy it, the idea and the writing process, I’m glad I got to finish it with something I don’t think is terrible, which is always a bonus!

It has been an intense 28 days and I have battled personal demons, mental health issues and many viral infections but I got through it, I actually produced work every day and got it in before the deadline. I can now forever say I completed the ’28 Plays Later’ challenge, which by the way I thought was just an excellent pun but during the duration have realised its more of a disclaimer to the nightmares coming. I have to say I feel immensely proud of myself, I did a dance earlier (because, a celebration without a dance is just sitting down) . I had a wonderful learning experience and I also wanted to erase the idea of ‘plays’ from the world just so I might never have to write one (not the best career choice, though!) but I did it, I consistently wrote, EVERYDAY for a month. I am not sure I will do it again but its taught me that the ideas are in my head, all I have to do is start writing and they come out. Of course in future, they will go through a heftier editing and re-working process.

So that is the first thing of my ’10 Things’ challenge completed!

Next up is Super Hero, where I intend to do random acts of kindness and reflect on that with you guys. I was originally going to overlap that into this week but with my son almost being hospitalised I decided to use the rest of this week to do a fuller round-up of the playwriting challenge, as to be more available to him. I will also write a post on writing plays as it has been requested.

So until tomorrow, enjoy your evening, I am going to do anything other than write a play tonight (although truth be told, I have a few ideas burning in my brain that might have to be jotted down and then worked on very soon!)

I did it you funky mothers!

Be kind to each other, be kind to yourselves.


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