Day 29: I Feel Like I’ve Forgotten Something.

I’ve had a really strange day today because even though I know the plays challenge is over, I’m so used to it, it has become habit to me to feel a strange sense of pressure in the pit of my stomach about how the hell am I going to get this written today. So I feel like I’m cheating by not writing even though it’s over, there’s an intermittent cold sweat of fear that I’ve forgotten to write.

I obviously have formed the habit and I intend to continue it, polishing some of the plays I’ve written and as I said yesterday, I have some ideas I want to get down because even though it was an intense, crazy experience in and of itself, it somehow feels like a waste if I just stop, I feel the point was to provide a powder keg to creativity and even though plays are not the medium I prefer when it comes to writing (I prefer stories and screenplays) it was incredible to feel like I made these things that hadn’t existed before. Twenty eight new plays live that might never have seen the light of day (and I may argue some of them shouldn’t have).

In other news my little man is still off sick with his asthma and the steroids have reached a tipping point and he has turned very temperamental, one minute laughing maniacally, the next pinching me, then weeping. We had a situation with a bath today where he refused to get in the bath because he, ‘Hadn’t had any time’, no clue what that means and then he kicked my shins during his tantrum at being carried upstairs, followed by him refusing to sit down in the bath until it was cold. It memories like these I treasure, write down and save for his 18th birthday! He kind of reminds me of me when I was pregnant come to think of it…

Anyway, today has been lovely, I’ve taken it to chill but I am already getting restless and as I find relaxation from doing things, I think I may start prepping for super hero week and do some home projects for the rest of the week to get my relaxation in full swing.

Until tomorrow,

Be kind to each other, be kind to yourselves.


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