Day 31:Random Questions.

I was wondering what to write about today, as tbh its been pretty much look after my son again and there are only so many ways to say, steroids turn my child into the anti-christ and I’ve got little done today due to looking after the omen.

However, earlier I was reading some blogs and I came across Jenny in Neverland’s post where she answers questions from the random question generator and I thought, hey, that looks like a bit of fun and a break from the norm, so I googled, ‘random question generator’ and chose the site , from there I just picked the first ten questions that popped up and now I will answer them.

Question 1: How can I stop people from making fun of my inflatable armbands?

Ok. I would say firstly, you can’t control what other people do, stop trying, it’s a waste of time. I would also recommend you take a page out of the 11th Doctors book and rock them with confidence – armbands are cool! If you are wearing them for their purpose, there is nothing to be ashamed of, they keep you from sinking until you can do that yourself. If it’s a fashion choice, just keep slaying with your inflatable accessories. You might also like to politely tell them if people paid as much attention to the huge gap in equality and the atrocities happening around the world, as they do to other people, we might be better off as a species.

Question 2: If you were given a yacht, what would you call it?

This is one I would take thinking time over but for the purposes of the blog I will think fast. I think I’d call it, ‘This Land’ in honour of Wash (Firefly) or possibly ‘T-Pain’ because… I’m on a boat!

Question 3: To what extent do you shape your own destiny and how much comes down to fate.

I think fate is a romantic notion prescribed to the masses as a sedative to keep people from actioning their dreams, if I’m completely honest. I believe you forge your own way, with the actions and opportunities you take. If you want to be ‘special’ or ‘chosen’ then be that, be your own prophecy. Leave fate for glass slippers.

Question 4: How long can you hold your breath?

Haha, I actually time myself every time I go to the pool because I love sitting under water, it’s so peaceful and tranquil. The last time I did it, I hit 115 secs.

Question 5: How nervous are you when you ask someone out?

I don’t recall an instance when I have been the one that has been asked out, as in genuinely – aka not a drunk person or a cat call. It doesn’t happen to me, so I am usually the one who makes the initial enquiry. Having said that, it usually happens over text because I am a scardy cat when it comes to it. I over think every word, then instantly regret something I have typed once I’ve sent it. So, very.

Question 6: Ever get a wedgie?

From someone – no. As a ‘riding up’ issue, of course. It does depend on the pants I’m wearing of course. Being a female, I’ve also fallen prey to the front and back wedgie, just grim.

Question 7: What is the best thing about your life right now?

My son. Even if he is a rage monster with the attitude of a 13-year-old on his current medication. He is an amazing child. He is kind, clever, affectionate, funny and at six he is standing up to preconceived ideas of gender and equality. He’s a little rock star. He’s also adorable.

Question 8: What was the last book you read?

I am currently reading, ‘How Not To Die’ by Dr Micheal Gregor, which is a real eye opener on diet in relation to illness. The last book I completed was, ‘Inferno’ by Dan Brown. I love his books and I’m aware a lot of people don’t, but I absolutely adore them. I watched the film adaptation last night and was horrified, I spent an hour (conservative estimate) ranting at my sister about how much the film was nothing like the books, in plot, suspense, characters etc. This also included my reading sections to her as evidence.

Question 9: Does a person really love you if they would only do something for you at their convenience?

No. I would like to say though that only holds true if this is consistent behavior, it’s nobodies responsibly to be on call for you.

Question 10: What is something you know you do differently from most people?

My Oreo etiquette. I really love the biscuit but hate the cream, its disgusting, I don’t get why people rave over it, it tastes like lard thats been told a tale of sugar in its youth. So when I eat Oreos, I put them on a plate, with a knife. I twist them open and remove the cream with the knife, discard it on said plate, then I eat the AMAZING chocolate biscuit.

There you go, a random selection of questions! I’ve never done something like this before, it was fun, so thanks again to Jenny in Neverland for the idea! If you want to check her out (and I recommend you do) here is the link to her site,  Jenny in Neverland where you can also find her Q&A’s

Until tomorrow,

Be kind to each other, be kind to yourselves.


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