Super Hero Week, Day 1:Letters at the Gym.


Sorry for the unusually late hour of this post, I was actually out on a week night like a real life adult with a friend watching theatre! I’ve not long been home long, so this is my first chance to talk about today’s superhero antics!

So, today I decided to handwrite some letters and put them in empty lockers at my gym.


My thinking was this, it takes a lot to go to the gym. It’s so easy to find any excuse not to go and once you are there, you then have to put on clothes that aren’t particularly flattering and do the work out thing, in front of people. Of course some people love it and have no problems but a lot of us have off days and can feel insecure.

While I was writing the letters at home, I had a strange feeling, like even though I was writing these letters for women I’d never met, I also felt as if I was writing them to me. The words that poured out of my pen felt personal to me, they hit a cord, as if I was giving myself a pep talk and it felt wonderful and reassuring. I always think that if something touches you, its only likely to be that you are the only person who will be effected by it, so I truly hope some women today felt they were special.

Getting them in the empty lockers unseen was a slight rush, I had some adrenaline going because if I was spotted it was game over. It was good adrenaline though because I knew that I was doing something good and not breaking any rules, still though the gym was quite busy today, so it was a mission (I had a mission!) of stealth that I am happy to report went smoothly.

It’s a strange feeling doing something like this without knowing if it worked or if the women finding the letters liked them, or even read them actually! There is the saying, don’t give to receive but what is so wonderful about giving is the feeling you get when you see the happiness in the person you are gifting, so you are actually receiving something in return. Not getting that satisfaction was weird but if the movies have taught me anything, that’s not why the supers do it!

Until tomorrow,

Be kind to the others, be kind to yourselves.


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