Super Hero Week, Day 2: Saying Thank You.

Today, I was having a think about what I could do, anonymously as my random act of kindness and then I started thinking about my baba and how happy I am he’s well enough to be back with his friends getting his education. The two ideas merged in my head and I decided to write to the children’s ward were he has been admitted (around a dozen times) when his asthma is bad.

I remembered how daunting the first time was, he was scared because he didn’t know why or how things were going to happen and the nursing staff made him (and me) feel safe. They are an incredible team.

So firstly, I spent most of my free time doing some outline sketches of cbeebies characters that the children would be able to colour in, I made lots of copies of each and included the original drawings, so the staff could make more copies if they wanted to.

Its boring being in hospital, especially if you are a child, even more so if you can’t get out of bed to go to the play room. My thinking was every bed has a little table and a child could have a picture to colour to give them something to do and also, give the parents a few minutes off.

Secondly, I wrote a long letter to all the nurses to say how grateful I am for their care and devotion to the job. Everytime we have been in they have been wonderful going truly above and beyond. I wanted to write in detail, exactly why they are rock stars and that it doesn’t go unnoticed.

I always so thank you to them when we are discharged but I thought it important to have the space and time to craft a letter that truly represented how I felt and what they have done for my boy, who is no longer scared of hospitals. Once I was done, I popped it in the post.

I had fun drawing the pictures and put a lot of time into the letter, I’ve come across the same feelings today though, not getting to see how it is received is bumming me out. More so the fact that I clearly am craving validation, a pat on the back, or a ‘aren’t you so good/thoughtful’ Its a worrying thing, especially being a business of massive rejection and little pandering. Its highlighted though and clearly and area I can work on. God knows I don’t want to turn into a super villain!

Until Tomorrow,

Be kind to each other, Be kind to yourselves.


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