Hello and thank you for taking the time to read my ramblings, I know that there are bagillion-gazillion blogs out there (ok I don’t think thats a real number!) so thanks for deciding to read mine amongst the sea of awesome content.

I live in Surrey with my amazing son, who honestly amongst other things (like keeping me on my toes) floors me every single day with his ever growing ¬†gorgeous soul. I’m an actor too, which is a very interesting and challenging combination! Honestly though my life is filled with my two passions so I really, even when life gets hard, am a very lucky woman.

I’ve suffered with mental health issues my whole life but I only knew that’s what it was a few years back, getting help saved my life – literally. I have learnt recovery is not a straight line and though I have learnt my triggers and coping strategies for when the day seems to be over before it began and yet NEVER ENDS, I still have periods of serious struggle but with the love of my friends and family and asking for help I get through it.

I’ve put some links to various mental health sites at the bottom of my home page incase you guys ever feel in need of some extra guidance, god knows I often do!

Please feel free to comment on my posts and if you have any questions or advice for me or anyone else in the feed, that would be most welcome. I would like to stress though that this is a safe space and any negative or bullying remarks will be deleted and the user reported. I want to build a community based on trust on my site, so people feel free and safe to comment.

I hope you enjoy!