The Clouds Break.

Annnnd I back. Firstly, let me just say thank you for being so patient, its been a long time since I posted, proper. My last post was quite bleak in tone and since posting it, I have considered quite a few times about deleting it (I have had a serious intermittent emotional hang over) but … More The Clouds Break.


Hey, I know its been a while and as I said, I really needed to take time for self care and honestly I can’t say for sure that I’m back, just that there are a few things that have been building up that I needed to write down. I’ve been going through a really hard … More Unlovable.

Taking a Step Away.

There has been a growing feeling of disconnect, dissatisfaction and overwhelm growing in me for quite some time now and it appears this weeks acts of kindness have been the catalyst I needed to recognise within myself this discord. As I have spoken about previously I have daily battles with mental health and this is … More Taking a Step Away.

Super Hero Week, Day 3: Do We Need Validation To Make Us Happy?

I’ve been really thinking about the fact that due to the nature of my random acts of kindness, I get no feedback. I’m going to be honest, even if it makes me sound like a crappy person. I don’t like the fact I can’t see the people who I’m hopefully affecting in a positive way. … More Super Hero Week, Day 3: Do We Need Validation To Make Us Happy?